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Farmers Emergency Roadside Services

For as little as $1.25 a month, you can get the Farmers Insurance Hawaii Emergency Roadside Service. To add this valuable coverage to your policy, please call 800-272-5208. Coverage includes the following services:
Emergency Roadside Service: 888-748-6233
  • Towing services that get you to safety and your car to a proper repair facility.
  • Winch services to pull your car out of the mud, or anything else you're stuck in, then, check to see if it's safe to drive.
  • Jump starting your dead battery.
  • Tire changing. We can install your spare, and add air if necessary.
  • Fluid delivery for all the times you're out of gas, coolant or any other automotive fluid.
  • Lockout service to get you back in your car and on your way again.
  • Concierge services to get your trip back on track and if needed, to direct you to a medical facility, accommodations, or the nearest ATM.
  • Emergency call services to contact your friends and family if your car is broken down while on the road.