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Hawaii Car Insurance Discounts & Benefits

We offer a variety of discounts and are always looking for ways to save you more on car insurance. At Farmers Insurance Hawaii, our goal is simple - to provide you the protection and coverage you want with the most savings possible. To help you save, we offer these discounts and benefits:

Bundle Discounts

Group Discounts

We offer special group discounts to members in Hawaii, such as unions, professional and employer groups, credit unions, and community organizations. Save with Farmers using your group affiliation.

Multi-Policy Discount

Receive a multi-policy discount on your auto insurance if you purchase a homeowners or renters policy with our sister agency, Hawaii Insurance Consultants or if you have a homeowners policy within the Farmers Insurance Group. Enjoy the savings and exceptional service with Farmers.

Homeowners Discount

Do you own a home? If so, then you can get the Farmers Homeowners Discount.

Multi-Car Discount

Do you have two or more vehicles you need to insure with Farmers Hawaii? If so, we'll give you the Farmers multi-car discount.

Driver & Vehicle Discounts

Claims Free Discount

We reward you for claims-free driving, starting with your first year of safe driving up to five years. The longer you drive safely, the more you save. Be a safe driver and save with Farmers.

Anti-Theft Discount

If your vehicle is equipped with eligible anti-theft devices, you qualify for the Farmers anti-theft discount on your comprehensive coverage.

Anti-Lock Brake Discount

If your vehicle is equipped with a factory-installed anti-lock braking system, you qualify for the Farmers anti-lock brake discount.

Sign Up Discounts

Early Shopper Discount

Being early has its benefits. At Farmers that means you get a discount. Save even more when you shop and switch to Farmers Hawaii before your current policy expires.

Paperless Discount

Paperless and get a discount! Its simple too - accept electronic documents and pay premiums via recurring payment plans.

Full Pay Discount

At Farmers Hawaii, we offer several flexible payment plans to fit your needs. If you choose to select the one pay payment plan and pay your policy in full, well reward you for it with a discount.

Emergency Roadside Service

Sign up for our emergency roadside service, and rest assured that help is only a phone call away. Now thats the Farmers' way to save for only $1.25* per month. (*per vehicle, per 6-month policy)

*Average annual savings developed from information provided by new policyholders from 11/01/21 to 10/31/22 that shows they saved by switching to Farmers Insurance Hawaii.