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Refer your friends & family to Farmers.

Get a $25 Prepaid Amex Card.


At Farmers Hawaii, we offer rewards when you refer your friends and family!

With our Refer a Good Friend Program, you'll not only be ensuring that the people you care for receive local customer and claims service, detailed policy coverage options, flexible repair policy and helpful ways to save, but you'll also be earning money - a $25 prepaid AMEX card for each person who purchases a policy.

Now, we have taken this one step further, for all the friends you refer, if they complete a quote - you both will receive a $25 gift card to Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart or Lowes. It is a win-win!

The more friends you refer, the more you can get rewarded!

How to Refer Friends and Ohana

Referring good friends and ohana to Farmers Hawaii is easy! Just follow the steps below and read the eligibility and guidelines provided. At Farmers Hawaii, we thank you for your referrals!

Steps to Referring a Good Friend

Follow these simple steps to benefit from the Refer a Good Friend Program:

  1. Find a friend or family member who lives in Hawaii and is looking for car insurance.
  2. Provide them with YOUR POLICY NUMBER.
  3. Have them call 1-800-361-4654 for a no obligation quote (please request they have the above information handy when they call)
  4. If they sign up for a Farmers Hawaii policy you will be mailed your $25 AMEX card once their policy has been effective for 60 days (see program eligibility below).

Why Refer Farmers Hawaii?

If you're already a customer with us, you know that we strive to provide the best quality of service and offer discounts that help you save money! It only makes sense to want to share that with family and friends too!

Quality Coverage Comes Standard

At Farmers Insurance Hawaii, we go the extra mile to provide you quality Hawaii car insurance coverage at a great price. We're dedicated to getting you the protection you really want and help find new ways to save on a variety of discounts.

Program Eligibility & Legal Information

  1. Referrer Policy Qualifications

    1. Current and active Farmers Hawaii auto policyholders of 21st Century Centennial Insurance Company are eligible for the referral reward under the Refer A Good Friend (RGF) Program.

    2. Eligible policyholders can refer friends or family members who live in Hawaii and receive a $25 prepaid AMEX card when their referral becomes a new auto policyholder, as long as the new policyholder has not been a named insured with the company during the previous 200 days. In addition, the new policy must remain in effect for 60 days.

    3. Customers can receive up to 8 prepaid AMEX card fulfillments per year. The maximum value of prepaid AMEX cards that will be awarded is $200 per policy per calendar year.

    4. New policyholder referrals are subject to verification. New policyholders must provide the name, address and telephone number of the eligible policyholder (that referred them) at the time of the quote.

    5. New Policy referrals and eligible referrer policies must both be active and inforce upon completion of the required 60 day eligibility period.

  2. Referrer Quote Qualifications

    1. In addition, eligible Hawaii Policyholders of 21st Century Centennial Insurance Company can receive a $25 prepaid gift/e-card if

      1. Referee completes an eligible quote

      2. Meets eligibility requirements referenced in section C below.

    2. The maximum number of $25 prepaid gift/ecards cards that will be awarded to eligible Policyholders residing in Hawaii is 7 per policy per year.

    3. Company employees are not eligible to participate.

  3. Referee Quote Qualifications

    1. Eligible Refer a Good Friend (RGF) referees can qualify for a $25 prepaid gift card/e-card if

      1. The referee completes an eligible quote

      2. Provides a valid email address for gift card fulfillment

      3. Has not been issued a $25 prepaid gift card in the last 6 months

      4. Provides a valid referrer name and policy number at the time of quote

      5. Referee has not been a named insured during the 200 days prior to their policy effective date.

      6. Company employees are not eligible to participate.

  4. The prepaid cards are administered through a 3rd party.

  5. Farmers Insurance Hawaii shall not be held responsible for lost or stolen prepaid gift cards.

  6. This promotion runs for a limited time only and is subject to change. It may be changed or terminated, at any time, at the discretion of Farmers Hawaii. It is the responsibility of program participants to review the current program rules.