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Halloween Safety Tips
for your Ohana!

Halloween Safety

Halloween Safety Tips for your Ohana!

Spooky season is here on the islands, and nothing is more fun than taking our keiki out for some tricks and treats!

If you decide to partake in Halloween this year, please stay safe and consider these following tips from your friends at Farmers Hawaii!

Walking with keiki

  • Know your surroundings - do not trick-or-treat in unfamiliar areas. It's safer near your neighbors!
  • Street safety - remember to always cross at designated crosswalks and to wait until the light is green if you're standing at a traffic light. Cars may not be able to see you if it is evening time.
  • Costume care - it's important to remember to check your keiki's costumes. It's ideal for the outfit to fit comfortably and not lengthy (to avoid tripping).
  • Stay distanced - to ensure safety, don't forget to social distance and remember to respect other trick-or-treaters' space.
  • Bring a flashlight - don't forget to pack a flashlight so that you can see unlit areas and objects that are hard to see at dusk.
  • No running! - running to a designated area can cause an accident. Prevent any scrapes, bruises, and spilled candy by walking.

Driver Safety

  • Slow down! - always be aware of the speed limit. Drive cautiously when driving through a neighborhood on Halloween night, and don't forget to turn your headlights on.
  • Put the cellphone down - unexpected surprises (such as keiki walking in the street) can happen, especially during seasonal gatherings.
  • Parking - remember to park in legal spots. Do not park in a strangers' driveway or block a car from leaving their current location.
  • Buckle up - while stopping to various locations via vehicle, it is quite possible to forget to put a seatbelt on. Always double check the whole car to make sure everyone is safe and ready to ride.

General Safety (Covid-19)

  • Wash your hands often - don't forget to bring sanitizer along the way. Make sure you wash your hands between each house you visit.
  • Stay outside - make sure you go to candy handouts that are outdoors.
  • Wear a mask - wearing a mask is highly encouraged and this will further protect your keiki from the chances of getting sick. Halloween costume masks are not recommended - stick with your daily mask such as a cloth covering or a surgical one.
  • Feeling unwell? - don't try to fight the urge to go out, stay home and rest.

We hope these tips come in handy and wish you a great, and safe Halloween!